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Reverse Lust Spell





Candles--------------black to represent him
white to represent you (inscribe names in each)

Herb-------------------lilac, rosemary

Moon phase---------waning

From out of dark and into light
(Light candles)
Our circle cast, the candles burn bright
Using the power of three times three
Hotter than fire, this magick will be.
Never again to darken my door
Send me Morrigan, he'll love me no more!
(cast herbs to the wind)
I call you now this love to break
All lustful feelings you will take
Break the bond twixt I and him
Make the love he feels grow dim
With my free will and harm to none
I now proclaim this spell is done!
Go now Morrigan, Blessed Be
This spell is done SO MOTE IT BE!

Bury black candle, keep white one near you for one month.







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