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Magic spell using the bath as a conductor for a love spell

First you must clean your bathroom, clean everything, the mirrors, the counter, the get the picture.

Then cover all the mirrors in the room with either pink or white sheets.

Next light three white candles and place them around the tub.

Draw a bath and add your choice of bath milk, salts or bath beads. You can even use scented bubble bath or scented soap. You should also but on a mushy love songs CD or just something that means something to you and that person...

Get in and focus on the person that you want called to you. If you don't have anyone in particular focus on what you want in a lover.

Chant "Negativity is washed away, I am renewed as of today, Many heads will turn my way, the ones I choose will wish to stay." While washing your body. Do everything you would normaly do, shave wash your hair...

When your done washing repeat, "Negativity is washed away, I am renewed as of today, Many heads will turn my way, the one's I chooses will wish to stay. I am loved, I am loving, I am love and love myself." Let the water out while repeating this a few times.



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