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EASY MAGIC SPELL TO BESTOW POWER ON ITEMS - Bestow magical powers on certain item with this free magic spell


This is a spell I had made to bestow power on certain items and such things like that. Use this spell wisely. Go somewhere quiet and so no one can disturb your work, get items or any other such things, unless its yourself, then lay the items/other in front of you. Meditate until you feel centered enough to go on. Now you slowly wave your hands in front of the items or yourself, and chant, "Let these items/me have bestowed, a power which will grow and grow, to be bestowed upon the items or yourself> Gods, Goddess' hear my plea, bestow the power on these items three/me, an offering from you to me. Blessed be" Now you can offer the earth or the Gods anything you seem suitable as an offering, and tell them that your offering is a gift in return they can give you that power you wish to possess.


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