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THE GOOD INTENTION SPELL (intentions are forced to come true) - Magic spell to guarantee only the best of intentions for yourself or someone else

This is a favorite spell used by many people. It is a black magic spell that is cast with only the best of intentions offered to yourself of someone else who might need a little extra luck or fortune to come their way. This magic spell is a great way to lift someones spirits or make their day a little brighter. We have many free magic spells to offer here.

This spell is very different from all those other ones out there. However this one was created by my own psychic mind. Maybe a past Egypt life... what spirits lies on top of the pyramids of Egypt is still 88.8% unknown. Anyway start with four (4) candles (doesn't matter what color), and you need two cups of water.. Try to find an old maybe antic cup. Then you would need any kind of ash that will make a dark (black) circle around the cups. Then you need shells (it can be nut shells, sea shells or turkey bones)

Follow this diagram
`=Circle of ash and shells
It should be setup like this:
` ` ` ` ` ` `
` * * `
` * `
` `
` U * U `
` `
` ` ` ` ` `


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