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Free Home Blessing Spell - This is a great spell used for blessing a home, like a new home you are just moving into or to bless the home of yourself or a loved one for extra protection.

Free Spell To Protect Your Home - If you need protection for your home or the home of someone close then you may cast this home protection spell to ease your mind of the protection of your dwelling.

Free Spell To Protect Yourself From Harmful Things - This protect yourself spell can be used to protect yourself from someone or something you will may want to harm you. It can also be used as a daily spell just to keep yourself safe from all types of harm.

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There is a wide variety of free black magic spells, black magic removal spells, curse spells, curse removal spells, hex removal spells, negative energy spells, evil spirit removal spells, black magic voodoo removal spells, or any other black magic spell or witch craft spells. The black magic protection spells can do the opposite, it will protect you or your family from the black magic so that any black magic spells, curses, or hexes cast upon you will do no harm.

Free Magic Spell To Start Casting Spells- A preparatory spell is a spell used to prepare yourself or make yourself ready to enter into the world of black magic. When thinking about black magic spells you would want to perform the preparatory black magic spell. This spell would be cast before attempting to cast other black magic spells in order to get you ready for the task at hand which is to use the black magic spells. It will prepare you for the possibility of black magic.

Free Black Magic Spell - Black magic spells are spells used for hexes, curses, and evil spell casting. Only be aware when using black magic spells because as the saying goes "What goes around comes around"! There are many energy removal spells available and many spells to undo bad energy also.

Free Spell To Curse And Destroy An Enemy - This is a spell that is cast for the purpose of evoking a curse or putting a hex on an enemy you might have.

Free Magic Spell To Reverse A Hex Or Undo A Curse Or Black Magic - This lemon curse spell is used to undo a wrong or a curse that has been cast upon you or someone close to you.

Free Spell To Yourself And Get Rid Of Negativity - This liberation spell will be cast as a way of liberating your life and ridding yourself of an unwanted power.

Free Spell To Find Lost Articles - This is a self explanatory spell, if you have lost something then use this lost and found spell as a way of finding what you seek.

Free Spell To Undo Bad Energy, Negativity And Black Magic - If you think someone has places a bad energy hex or curse on you or a loved one then you can undo the bad energy using this spell.


PROTECTION SPELL - Powerful spell to protect yourself from Witchcraft, evil magic and voodoo spells

This spell is cast to protect yourself from harm. This black magic spell can also be cast for the purpose of protecting those close to you whether they would be your family, friends, loved ones, or just acquaintances you think might need a little extra protection from harms way. This spell can be cast if you have been threatened by someone to do you or someone you know harm. This magic spell can be a great way to ensure courage in the hears of loved ones and family members. Don't be afraid to cast this free magic protection spell on all loved ones, family members, and friends, as a little added protection for the ones you hold dear to you is always a great thing.

Protection Spell to Protect Yourself From Harm

"By the dragons light,
on this (month) night,
I call to thee to give me your might,
by the power of three,
I conjure thee,
to protect all that,
surrounds me,
so mote it be,
so mote it be!!!


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