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This magic spell can be used to heighten the sexual mood of yourself and a partner. This
free sex and lust spell is used as a way of having a special person lust for you the way you are
lusting for them. Then after you have the lust you are desiring the sex spell can heighten
aspects of your sexual awareness. We offer many more free black magic spells for
any purpose of spell casting.

This is used to arouse your lovers interest in you.
You will need these ingredients...
4 eggs
1/2 tsp. ginger
pinch of salt & pepper
Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Fill half an eggshell with water twice, pouring the water in the bowl each time. Beat the mixture until it's fluffy. Cook it in alightly
-buttered frying pan over low heat until the bottomof the
omelette is done. With your fingernail trace your initials
or name at the top of the omelette and his/hers at the bottom. Pop it under the broiler for a moment to cook
the top. Fold so that the initials are hidden.
Along with the omelette, serve a salad of bananas, peaches and pitted cherries - all of which have a power to arouse love. Hot rolls and apple butter also go along nicely (it's the apple butter with the power, especially if you made it yourself and used some of your kitchen witchery skills in the making of it!) If you can, share this omelette from the same plate for a romantic brunch!
Wash your brunch down with champagne.



Hold a pink candle and charge it for future spells by visualizing you and
your lover in a happy loving embrace. Put the energy from this vision into
the candle. Then say out loud, "We will always love each other. May the
Goddess and God grant this for the good of all."
When problems arise in your relationship or you need self-confidence, take
out the candle on a Friday during a waxing moon. Anoint it with love oil
(Cabot doesn't specify a particular mix, so I guess it's up to the
individual's discretion). Put some oil on your index finger, and beginning
in the middle of the candle, run your finger to the wick end. Then repeat,
rubbing the oil down to the bottom of the candle. Light the candle and let
it burn down completely (in a safe place) and go out.

Though this spell does involve some pre-planning (by having previously
charged the candle), I don't see why it shouldn't work by charging it and
performing the spell shortly thereafter. The trick will be to summon up
the appropriate feelings of love if you're not in a particularly loving
kind of mood.



High John root - take 15 gms of High John, fresh 8cc [blood] from a
sacrificial chicken (or lamb), 2.7 mg of saffron petals and a dash of
sweat or, better yet, moon flow from the unsuspecting MOS.
While drumming, rattling, or chanting whatever comes to mind draw the
following in Corn Meal on the floor in front of you......
* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* *
* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* ** *
Place the High John mixture in some Rum, in a glass bottle, and shake.
Dance over and around the maraasa sigil above and swish the Rum mixture
in your mouth, spitting and spraying it over the sigil (veve).
After you're finished, dip your hands into the Rum mixture and sprinkle a
bit of it on the earth, giving thanks to one of your ancestors while you do.
For the maximum effect, pour the rest of the mixture in the MOS car, sink,
garage, or lawn, as you give thanks to the ancestor.
Wait 3-5 days and call the MOS from a pay-phone and plan a date !!!!
By the way, remember the ol' magickal addage, what goes around COMES
around, wait until MOS does first !!!

Sigilize the name of the one you desire, take a picture of yourself,
and glue them together. Set up your altar or work area, light the incense
(preferably 'love' or 'sandalwood'), set the picture/sigil on the altar.
Do a free form invocation to Aphrodite/Venus/or the love goddess/god of
your choice. Focus your energy at the sigil, and meditate, making sure
that you don't focus on what you want to occur. Burn the sigil/picture.
And then banish.

Description of sigilization

"Unto this period I had only copulated the
atmosphere or rode whores, lined old hags,
witches and bitches of all kinds, there being
few virgins. The autotelic wish into hetero-
telic conception is by consummation
through using an urn of correct shape and
dimension which must co-relate nearly to
that of the lingham used - so that there is
sufficient vacuum. At the moment of orgasm
the wish must be imperatively formulated.
After ejaculation, seal the vase with your
sigil and with the secret formula of your
desire. Bury it at midnight, the moon being
quartered. When the moon wanes, disinter
the vase and pour the contents as a libation
into the earth with suitable incantation, and
rebury the same. This is the most formidable
formula known, never fails, and is dangerous...
Hence what is not herein described must be



The Moon Glance is a simple technique of magickal seduction.
To begin, choose a person to whom you wish to direct the glance. It is
preferable if they are seated (or otherwise stationary) and not involved
in any particular activity. This is not required, but it makes it
somewhat easier.
Close your eyes. Visualize a glowing, silver crescent moon that passes
through the middle of your head, with the "horns" protruding forward in
the direction of your line of sight.
Try to visualize your "target" and sensitize yourself to him/her. After a
moment, try to sense when they are looking in your direction. When you
feel this is so, open your eyes and look into theirs. If they have moved
or are not looking in your direction, you must try again or choose
another person.
As you look into their eyes, visualize a shaft of silver light extending
from the tips of the horns into their eyes. Hold your mind still and
blank. You should be able to sense immediately if the person has been
affected by the spell.
The Moon Glance is an excellent example of the effectiveness of combining
a magickal technique with psychology. By closing your eyes, your pupils
become dilated so when you catch their glance, you send a universal,
subliminal "body language" signal of sexual interest. The Glance also
almost always generates a slight smile which also signals attraction.
It should be pointed out that seduction spells, perhaps more than any
other kind, are subject to the deleterious effects of "lusting for
results" (pun intended?). To be effective at all, one must remain detached
as much as possible from the outcome. For someone desperate to get laid,
this may be all but impossible.
I've found that the most effective way to accomplish this is to be more
concerned with simply generating a response from the target that actually
landing them in the sack. It's the "thrill of the chase", so to speak. I
tend to use the Glance "for fun" at parties and other gatherings just to
see how well it will work and to practice my visualization. I would say
the vast majority of those persons I've gotten a response from do NOT
end up being sexual partners. I'm pretty particular about whom I do the
wild thang with.
Any magician with sufficient power to make the Moon Glance really work will
very likely have no shortage of potential sex partners anyway.

2 candles
red wine
ground cinnamon
2 shallow bowls/cups
Light the candles. Pour some wine in the bowls. Each person start
warming their bowl of wine over a candle. Add a pinch of cinnamon.
Swirl the bowls to mix cinnamon while finishing the warming. Each
person breathe into both bowls. Toast -
"May the union of man and woman bring pleasure and happiness to both."
Touch bowls. Drink. Do what comes naturally. :)



Take a lock of her hair, some nail clippings, and menstrual fluid.
take a lock of your hair, some of your nail clippings, and some of
your semen. wrap these items neatly in bright red paper. with
gold ink write the Chinese characters for love, good fortune,
and happiness on side. on the other side write your true name.
now gather your chi and infuse the package with your chi.
you must do this at sunrise after the Chinese new year and
before the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere).
note: make sure you gather the semen correctly.
write the Chinese characters precisely.
know your true name.
know how to gather chi and infuse chi.
warning: this is not a minor undertaking. technically you're
binding your life into this spell. if you do not
protect or properly undo this spell, you risk serious
harm to yourself. if you do not do this spell
properly, you risk serious harm to yourself.
if you really mess up this spell, you mess up your
life and her life.

Obtain a photo of the girl. If no photo is available, get some hair
or finger-nail clippings. Get anything that fits into whatever model of
magic you hold and combine this will a sigil (a pictorial glyph) of the
girl of your own design.
Sit in a still clean place (Your Temple) and declare the circle to be cast,
through a banishing ritual or reciting a poem and waving your arms around,
etc. Put the likeness of the girl onto your altar (or similar) and channel
energy up through your legs, torso, arms and into the likeness. Keep doing
so as you pick the object up (both hands) and hold it tight, (because you
love her impression). Tell her over and over that you love her absolutely
and that she loves you dearly. Tell her that she loves you and that you
love her and that you were meant to be together, repeatedly. When satisfied,
close the circle and declare the ritual over.
Take the object and wrap it up, to 'bind it' and store it in a clean, safe
place such as strapped to the bottom of her bed or buried in her lawn, etc.
Usually I would have some purple candles on the altar. You specified
'white magic' so use white candles.



You have to use the 4th Venus pentacle in The Key of Solomon. Write it
on paper (after cleansing it) or copper and perform the rituals that are
mentioned in the book.
After that, you will have to put it in a green silk bag and wear it around
your neck. When you meet the girl (boy) you desire, just show it to her (him).
This will make her (him) fall helplessly in [love] with you!



This spell isn't for love, it's for lust. It's all a chemical thing
anyway, so love might evolve out of it.
Materials: target's picture, your picture, target's action figure, your
action figure, colored cloth, and yarn, 3 candles, 2 rubber bands, a
lighter, and a shoe box.
Doll Making.
Pick a target you are truly in lust with and find their picture. Buy a
doll or action figure for your gender and one for the target's gender.
Put their picture over the doll face and secure it with a fastener. Do
the same for the doll that represents you.
Cloth Making
Use the color that represents lust, love or both to you. Buy a cloth of
that color that is large enough to wrap, cover the dolls. Find string, or
yarn of the same color to fasten it. Write on the cloth, "Lust" Tie two
knots in the yarn.
The Ritual
Light a love candle for you and a love candle for the target. Say; "This
candle is my burning love for you." "This candle is your will to love."
Place the target's doll near the target candle and your doll near yours.
Place a third candle between the two candles unlit. Say; "This is the
growing lust between us, attracting us to each other." Take the two
candles with both hands and light the center candle with them at the same
time. Extinguish the light of the target candle and your candle.
Say; "By the light of our growing lust for each other, I bind us with it
until I should choose to break the bonds and part ways with you." Cover
the dolls facing each other with the cloth and bind it with the yarn by
making one more knot in addition to the two. Place the dolls in a shoebox
and make sure no one disturbs the box.
[to make a generic lust-attractor:]
...just wrap your own doll in the cloth but don't bind it. Place it in
the shoe box. Say once a day while holding the wrapped doll; "I have
increased my power to attract!" Do this until you feel that other's
attraction to you is sufficient for your needs.



Find a quiet place where you can turn out all the lights and be undisturbed.
You will need a rock, candle and lighter, bed sheet, action figure, a
cup, rubber band (man's) picture, a pink cloth, shoe box, and a black magic
Step 1: Magickal Clothing: Put on a piece of clothing or jewelry that you
designate as magickal and only wear it while practicing magic.
Step 2: Magician's Circle: Get a bed sheet and make a circle out of it by
tying the ends together. Take some salt and trace a triangle with the apex to
the circle on a flat surface, like card board over carpet. Place a rock at the
base of the triangle and place a candle at the apex. Light it and step into
the circle. Sit down in it. take the action figure and fasten his picture to
it with a rubber band. Hold the action figure.
Step 3: Conjure the Spirit: Trace a unicursal hexagram clockwise beginning in
the upper left corner with the cup. Visualize lines, the color pink. Then say
this. "Jupiter, I summon they to aid me in this rite, to empower me with what
I need." Take the pink cloth and sign your name. Then sign; Jupiter. If you
know Automatic Handwriting, have the spirit sign the cloth. Then take the
cloth and wrap the action figure in it and place it all in the shoe box. Thank
the spirit from Jupiter and license it to depart by tracing the hexagram
counterclockwise at the same upper left point. Say so be it.



To gain the love of someone: on a night of the full moon, walk to a spot
beneath your beloved's bedroom window, and whisper his/her name three times
to the night wind.



This is how to enchant yourself.
Go to a flower shop and find a red rose, the best one that you can find.
Take it home and say these words, "Whatever it is that <she> is
attracted to is contained within this rose." Visualize rose colored
energy coming from your genitals into the rose. Now crush the rose into
powder and keep it in a small package. Lace some of your key chain with
it everyday you know that you will see her. When you do, put your hand
in your pocket and touch the keys.
When he comes back, expect him to be hostile to you.



This is an important element of comeliness and charisma. If you wish to
attract someone, observe your own behavior and be careful not to fidget,
sway, or slouch. Don't mutter, interrupt, or mumble.
Confidence is subconsciously monitored by potential mates.
Be aware of your own nervousness. Try to feel it as a wall between
yourself and the person you wish to attract. Feel uneasy, and then
banish that feeling by relaxing into a sense of comfortableness. Worry
and discomfort will always work against you. Say to yourself that you
are going to enjoy yourself wherever you are and lose that sense of
People who see you in a relaxed pose want to be around you because
somehow they think that you will relax them too. One way to help someone
relax is to refrain from propositions, expectations, and innuendoes.
Instead use humor. Never flood someone with your knowledge.
Simply accept them for who they are and save your judgements and advice
for yourself. Listen to them and love them.
Lastly, start spending more time brushing your teeth and grooming
yourself. Image really does matter. Eat better, exercise more, and read
something. Take the time to iron your clothing.
The three most attractive qualities in a person are;
and a very healthy constitution
forget the shape of your body and face. If you have the three qualities
above, you can attract anyone.



There are many folkloric talismans for love and sex, and they are as varied as
the cultures from which they arise. These are from the Quechua people of Bolivia and Peru
these are the munachi (to cause to love) and munaiwarmi (woman's
love) stones. A fully illustrated write-up of these talismans and the
manner in which they are used (tying a hair from each of the lovers
around them to maintain faithfulness over long distances) can be found
in various

Another talisman of this type, from a different culture, is the
African-American paired lodestone mojo bag. This will ensure continued sexual
attraction during absences; it is for two partners to perform together. You will
need a pair of lodestones, magnetic sand, anointing oil, and two red flannel
mojo bags. These supplies can be found at any Hoodoo supply store.
Select two lodestones (naturally occurring magnetic iron ore) that make
a good "pair" -- when placed heard to tail they should attract strongly
and share a flat surface in common. Place them together, and cover them
with magnetic sand (iron filings and powdered lodestone) to give them a
"hairy" coating. Anoint the lodestones with any of the various Hoodoo
oils that relate to faithful love (like "Love Me" oil) and, for extra
power, with semen and menstrual blood. Say a prayer for the continuation
of your love over long distances. Gently separate the lodestones,
keeping as much magnetic sand on them as possible, and place one in each
bag. Tie the bags shut and each keep one while you are apart. They will
draw you back together again. When you are reunited, complete the
ritual by taking the lodestones out and reuniting them, head to tail,
and dressing them with more magnetic sand and more oil and with your
bodily fluids if desired. Thereafter you may keep the lodestones in a
bowl on your altar or you may bury them together in the Earth.



Here is a white candle love spell.
Get a white candle that will burn down in due time. You will have to inscribe
it (see below), so it should be bigger than a birthday candle, and you will
also have to watch it burn down to nothing (see below), so it should not be a
24 hour votive light. A small taper candle that will burn down in 20 - 40
minutes is about right.
Prepare an altar and decorate it with those things precious to you and to the
one you love. Using a rose thorn from a white rose bush, inscribe the words
"All my love come to me" 3 times on the candle. Place the inscribed candle in
the center of the altar and light it. For the entire time the candle burns,
gaze upon it and visualize your love coming to you in nakedness and beauty.
When the candle burns out, collect the wax puddle that remains, wrap it up
with the mementoes from the altar and keep it in a safe place.
The result of this spell will not be "zombie" or "victim" thrall-love; but
you will receive ALL the love that person has for you -- which may be less
than, as much as, or more than the love you have for him. Accept the degree
of love you receive with grace and tenderness.
If at some future time you no longer wish to receive that man's love, dispose
of the wax puddle in a simple ceremonial way. Depending on your mood, it can
be burned on a fire, buried, thrown into running water, mailed to him, ground
to shavings and baked into a cake -- or whatever you feel is appropriate. But
it is your responsibility to dispose of it if you no longer want to be loved
in any degree by that man.






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