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SUMMONING A SPIRIT OR GHOST SPELL - Easy spell used to call upon a spirit or a ghost

This magic spell is a summoning a spirit or ghost spell. It is used much in the same manner
as the spirit calling spell. This free black magic spell will enable you to reach out to a spirit, energy,
ghost, or even an entity. This magic spell will need to be used with caution, because
when calling and summoning spirits and entities you might need to be prepared for the
spirit that may come. This magic summoning a spirit spell will help you to contact
someone who was close to you and has passed over to the other side.

For conversation with the dead go to a cemetery; avoid the grave's Annoyance, speaking always gently:

"Earth, bone,
And winding sheet,
Let this spirit
Come to me-
Yet send it
In peace,
Or not at all."

If it comes, it should be offered white wine, not red; and knelt to, from pity.

Free Spell To Summon Spirits - Use this spirit calling spell if there is a power or an energy in which you are trying to call or reach out to.

Free Spell For Summoning A Spirit Or Ghost - This spirit summoning spell is used like the calling spell it will summon the entity or spirit you are trying to reach out to and bring them close to you.

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